Should I Remodel My Kitchen in 2020?

Kitchen remodels can be disruptive to normal life in a household. These projects are also a major commitment, requiring time and money. Before you decide to renovate your kitchen in 2020, it's important to know what to expect and that you're prepared. Learning about the benefits and the costs, familiarizing yourself with trends and finding the right contractor can help you decide whether 2020 is the year to remodel your kitchen. Here's what you need to know.

Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen

Why remodel your kitchen? There are many reasons.

  • Increased home value. Remodeling your kitchen can increase your home's value if you're thinking about selling. Kitchen upgrades and renovations have an ROI between 55 and 60%, depending on what changes you choose to make and how much you spend making them.
  • More functionality. Kitchen remodels can solve a variety of problems including lack of floor space and counter space, insufficient room for storage and inefficient appliances.
  • Improved quality of life and increased satisfaction with your home. The more functionality you can get out of your kitchen, the more you'll be able to enjoy your time at home.
  • Easier to sell. No doubt, home buyers like new kitchens, so if you're selling your home sometime in the near future, a kitchen remodel may simplify the process by making your home more desirable.

Current Trends

Design trends affect the materials that are available for sale at nearby suppliers. Below are projected kitchen remodel trends for 2020.

Reclaimed Wood Cabinetry

Reclaimed wood is characterized by scratches, scuffs and evidence of previous owners. Cabinetry made from reclaimed wood is rising in popularity because it's environmentally-friendly, interesting to look at, and strikingly different from the shiny surface of standard wooden cabinetry.

Marble, Quartz and Wood Countertops

For the last few decades, granite countertops have been the symbol of the high-end kitchen. Recently, homeowner tastes have shifted. Many homeowners are still in love with the beauty and permanence of natural stone. However, marble is becoming the countertop material of choice, and those who don't want marble countertops still want the look of marble. Quartz countertops, made from stone dust and resin, can be created to resemble marble countertops. Quartz is harder than marble, much easier to maintain and less likely to be scratched.

Wood countertops are also becoming a common feature on kitchen islands. Wood contrasts nicely with stone, and creates a sense of warmth in the kitchen.

Larders and Pantries

Pantries add much-needed space in the kitchen, and make dry food organization easier overall. Modern pantries often consist of cabinets, drawers and open shelves.

A larder is like a shallow pantry. Though you cannot walk into a larder, it's still larger than a standard cabinet and can be used to store boxed foods and cans.

Hidden Appliances

Appliances are not always attractive, so some homeowners choose to hide their appliances behind wooden cabinet doors. Once found only in high-end kitchens, this is becoming a more common feature in standard kitchens.

Colored Ceiling

This is an easy way to dress up your kitchen: paint your ceiling a different color from the other walls. Bright, light colors draw the eye upward and give your kitchen a greater sense of space, while darker colors add drama to the room.

Mixed Metals

For many years, brushed chrome and stainless steel were the preferred metals for fixtures like faucets. Recently, oil rubbed bronze, copper and brushed brass metals have become very popular. Even more recently, homeowners have begun to mix metals, adding visual interest to the room.

Should You Remodel Your Kitchen in 2020?


Remodeling costs vary, depending on your remodeling goals, timeline, the contractor you hire, appliances you want to replace and other factors. Cabinet replacement is usually the most expensive part of any standard remodel, equaling about 30% of the overall costs. Other major expenses during kitchen remodels include countertops, appliances, labor and lighting. You can control costs by budgeting carefully, planning early and hiring a reliable contractor with kitchen remodeling experience.

If you're on a tight budget, a kitchen renovation may not be the right expense for you in 2020. If it's your dream to remodel your kitchen, this may be the time to design a budget that will allow you to save or secure financing to make a kitchen remodel possible in 2021.

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The time it takes to renovate a kitchen depends on many factors including the contractor's schedule, availability of materials, problems that occur during the remodel and, most of all, the scope of the project. Generally speaking, most kitchen remodels take somewhere between 6-12 weeks. Your contractor can tell you before your project starts about how much time you can expect it to take.


Before you can be ready to remodel your kitchen next year, you should first know what you want to accomplish. Create a list of goals for your remodel. Maybe you need more counter space, more cabinet space or energy efficient appliances. Your list of goals will help keep your kitchen remodel on track for success.

As you start to think about your kitchen remodel and plan those goals, create a scrap book or Pinterest page where you can store your ideas for your upcoming home improvement. Doing this will help you refine your list of "must haves" and "nice to haves" and will give you a basis for a discussion with a contractor when you've chosen a professional to work with.

Kitchen Remodeling in Sarasota

Talk to a Contractor

If you're still on the fence about remodeling your kitchen in 2020, one of the best things you can do to decide is to talk to a contractor. A good contractor can make this decision easier in many ways.

  • Estimate costs. After hearing your goals for your upcoming remodel, your contractor can give you a cost estimate that will help you determine whether a remodel will fit in your budget. Your contractor can also help you decide what it is realistic based on how much you plan to spend.
  • Give advice. An active contractor will have recent, relevant experience renovating kitchens in your area, and will know all the latest materials and trends that homeowners seek out where you live. Listening to your contractor, you'll be able to get ideas and make decisions about your remodel.
  • Warn of potential problems. If your plans for your kitchen remodel are going to be problematic in some way, there's a good chance your contractor will be able to warn you about those issues in the initial consultation.
  • Educate you about the process. Renovations are a big commitment, in terms of time, money and other factors. A good contractor can help you decide whether this is the right time for a kitchen remodel for you.

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