7 Ideas for Remodeling Your Siesta Key Beach House

Your Siesta Key Beach House is your retreat from the real world. In your beach house, you can spend time watching the waves, relaxing after a day on the sand, or just spend time with the ones you love. Your beach house is an investment in yourself and your own happiness.To be sure that your beach house is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, keep it in good condition. Like any other house, your home will need periodic updating to ensure that it's a safe and relaxing place to spend time. If you own a beach house on Siesta Key, and you're ready to update it now, our suggestions can help you get started.

1. Get Creative with Lighting

Beach houses are meant to be cheerful places. In order to stay cheerful, they need adequate light throughout the day and into the night. Work with your contractor to install creative lighting solutions, especially in the common areas of your home, like the kitchen, living room and dining room.

Install a mixture of pendant lighting, overhead lighting, recessed fixtures, track lighting and lamps. You don't need a contractor to install lamps in your beach house, but you will need adequate outlets to plug them in. Your contractor can ensure this is done safely and according to code. Avoid using too many power cords and extension cords to plug in your lamps, as this can lead to circuit overload and even a fire.

When installing new light fixtures, ask your contractor to install dimmer switches and provide multiple light switches at each switch station, to give you total control over the level of light in your living room.


2. Improve the View

Nothing beats watching the sunset over the ocean, or watching the waves crash on the beach. Improve the view from your Siesta Key beach house by replacing your picture window with one that is larger, or by installing a window where no window currently exists. A bay or bow window are both excellent options as both types of windows project into the yard and provide more views of the beach. To add an extra level of luxury, install an upholstered window seat in your bay window to provide a better perch for sitting and watching the sun go down.

While you're at it, remove or relocate any objects in the landscape that could obstruct your view of the beach from your house. This might mean pruning back trees or shrubs, removing large plants or flowers, or re-landscaping the entire property. Your contractor can help you brain storm as you try to decide what's best for your home.


3. Make Space

Open floor plans have been popular for years. In beach homes, open floor plans just make sense. Tearing down walls in common areas of your home allows you to open up spaces like the kitchen and dining area, and makes it easier to entertain guests. It's important to work with a licensed contractor to ensure that the work is done right.

Tearing down a load-bearing wall can lead to structural problems, so talk to a contractor before getting started on a DIY version of this project.


4. Install a Deck

What's better than watching the sunset over the beach from your living room? Watching the sunset over the beach from your deck. Installing a deck on your beach front property adds value to your home and gives you a great location for watching the kids as they play in the sand.

Hire a licensed contractor to ensure that your deck installation is done properly. A poorly constructed deck can be dangerous and can also detract from the value of your home. Do the project right to protect your property and your family.


5. Add Color

Adding color is an easy way to make your beach house a standout-property, and also a good way to make your time there more cheerful. Paint the walls, re-tile the bathroom, paint your cabinets or install new carpeting. Whatever you choose to do, get samples of paint, carpet or tiles before making any changes. Work with a licensed contractor to ensure the work is done right.

modern bathroom with blue shower tile


6. Add a Bathroom

This suggestion is a matter of practicality, but it's important. Some older homes only have one bathroom, which can dramatically reduce the value of the home. Adding a second bathroom to your beach house can increase your home's value while at the same time making your experience in the home easier.

You'll need to hire a contractor to ensure this work is done right. Adding a second bathroom requires your contractor to pull permits. Hire someone who is skilled and experienced in this type of major renovation. Adding a second bathroom is also a major undertaking that can take weeks to finish. If you only visit your Siesta Key beach house at certain times of the year, work with a contractor to complete the project while you're gone. This ensures that you can enjoy your time in the beach house without the noise and disruption. Learn more about bathroom remodeling here. 


7. Install French Doors

Let in the sounds of the beach every night by opening your French doors onto your deck. French doors allow plenty of natural light into your home while also making it easier to allow the natural salt breeze into your house.

Some people install doors themselves, but your contractor can make the installation more easily. Your contractor can also help you choose doors that come with proper coatings on the windows, to block UV rays from entering your home. This prevents the sunlight from heating up your home to an uncomfortable temperature.


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