Does Your Sarasota Home Need an ADU?

When households need more room, some families move while others choose to build. If you're attached to your property but need room to grow, building an ADU may be the ideal option. It's a big project, but at the end, you'll have an all-new space on your own property. Imagine the convenience! With a new residential structure on your property, members of your household and guests can enjoy their own private space while on your property. Here's what you need to know about building this kind of structure on your property.What Is an ADU?
The term "ADU" stands for "Accessory dwelling unit." An ADU is a residence that's separate from the primary residence, but located on the same land. An example of an ADU is an in-law apartment or a guest house. Some ADU's are built above the garage while others are constructed in the backyard.

Why Build an ADU On Your Property?

Although ADU's are practical and can increase the value of your home, most people don't choose to build an ADU unless there's a good reason.

  • Space for guests. If you frequently entertain out-of-town guests, building an ADU makes it easier to accommodate longer visits without the stress of sharing space in your primary residence.

  • Dwelling for adult child. Multigenerational homes are more common than ever. With a second house on your property, your adult child can live with you while still enjoying their own privacy.

  • Age in place residence for older relative. An ADU is the perfect place for an older relative who wants to live independently but still needs help from time to time.

A well-built, well-designed ADU gives you the flexibility to grow and expand your household without relocating. If you have a need for extra space - more than just a simple addition - then an ADU may be for you.

What Features Should You Include In Your ADU?

Smart design features will increase the value of your ADU. A good quality well-conceived ADU construction can improve your life while you're living in your house, and can help your home sell for more money when the time comes. Here's what we recommend.

Universal Design

Universal design is a style of construction that can be enjoyed by everyone. It's accessible for people with disabilities, seniors, and people with special needs. Wide hallways, wide doorways, ramps, easy to grasp knobs and switches and grab bars are all common features in universal design.

Whether you're building your ADU for a senior relative or not, the next people to buy your home may wish to use the extra house for a senior relative. If the home you build is already set up to accommodate someone with limited mobility, buyers may pay more for your property. By folding universal design into your construction plans, you can increase the value of your ADU. To learn more about the latest trends in universal design, RSVP to our seminar: "Exploring the Trends of Living in Place". 

Standard Home Amenities

If you need it in your home, then you should probably include it in your ADU. Climate control, a half- or full-bath, space for entertaining and a separate space for sleeping are all the types of features that adults residents of your ADU are likely to want. Work with your contractor to ensure that your ADU is comfortable for people who stay there.

Tips for Your ADU Construction Project

  • Investigate zoning and permitting. Zoning restrictions may dictate some of the features of the ADU that you wish to construct, so work with your local zoning officials to create a construction design that works for your home.
  • Choose the right contractor. It's critically important to choose the right contractor for your construction project. Start by interviewing at least three professionals, and check references before making your final decision.
  • Collaborate with involved parties. Are you building your ADU for a senior relative or an adult child? Collaborate with them to ensure that the home you build will meet their needs.

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