The Best Apps for Home Remodeling

Home remodeling is so much fun with modern technology. Phone apps make it possible to plan your remodel, envision home decor, take measurements, buy furniture and more. For this article we've researched the best phone apps for homeowners who want to make the most of their home remodel. Before you begin your next home improvement project, download one or more of these helpful apps to get your project off on the right foot.

Houzz (iOS, Android)

Houzz is the number one design app for homeowners trying to design, find professionals, get inspired and shop products for their home improvement projects. Use the Houzz app to find the most reputable builders and contractors in your area.


Photo Measures (iOS, Android)

Photo Measures app connects to your phone to take pictures of your home, then allows you to record measurements on the images. Save your images so you'll have them with you whenever you're at the hardware store, home improvement center or the contractor showroom. The free version of the app watermarks your pictures when they're saved.

Photo Measures app allows you to edit your pictures at any time, write comments on pictures, export pictures to JPG or PDF, and zoom in and out. Photo Measures takes the hassle out of taking and recording measurements, and ensures that you'll have your measurements with you anywhere you've got your phone.


Color911 (iOS)

The award-winning Color911 app allows you to create, save and edit color palettes throughout your home improvement project. Color911 allows you to create palettes based on photos. The app also comes with downloadable color themes, and allows you to share palettes with friends.


TapPainter (iPad)

TapPainter is an app designed to help homeowners visualize paint colors including paints from major brands like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, and so on. TapPainter is only available on iPad at the moment, but they're trying to expand to iPhone and Android phones soon.


Palette Cam (iOS)

Palette Cam enables you to create full palettes from snapshots you take with your phone. With easy photocapture software and an intuitive palette capture interface, Palette Cam makes it easy to choose the best palette for your remodeling project.


iHandy Level (iOS)

The iHandy level app does exactly what a traditional level does: it helps you level surfaces. The iHandy level is useful for decorating after you've remodeled, so when you're hanging pictures, putting up curtains and even installing features like floating shelves on your new walls, the iHandy level is there.

iHandy makes a variety of apps that are similarly basic and useful, including a plumb bob, steel protractor and steel ruler. These tools can be helpful when you're making basic repairs around the house, or if you're doing your remodeling on your own.


Invaluable (iOS, Android)

The Invaluable app allows anyone to follow an auction from any where. With the app, you can bid on artwork, furniture and more as you redecorate and rejuvenate your home. If you like shopping for products, the Invaluable app is also just good old fashioned fun. Watch purchases made and items bought in real time.


RoomScan Pro (iOS)

RoomScan Pro enables you to make measurements of your home without ever opening up a measuring tape. Simply open the app, touch your phone to each wall of the house and watch with amazement as your phone app draws a floor plan, complete with wall lengths and square footage.


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