9 Must-Haves for a Gourmet Kitchen in Sarasota

Gourmet kitchens are different from standard kitchens in their beauty, functionality and usefulness to the homeowner. They're characterized by easy-to-clean surfaces, extra-useful appliances, and space to prepare spectacular dishes.

Want to add value to your home? Want to improve your quality of life? Installing a gourmet kitchen can help with that. The features you choose for your remodel will make or break its success. At Gilbert Design Build, we help homeowners like you create the kitchen of their dreams. Here's what we recommend.

1. Warming Drawer

Ever cooked a large meal for many people, and had the food go cold before the last dish was finished baking? If so, you need a warming drawer. Designed to keep dishes hot with a gentle, non-drying heat, warming drawers are a useful tool if you like to entertain and prepare large meals.


Warming drawers are designed to fit into the architecture of the room. Panels make many warming drawers look more like a part of the cabinets than like a stove. When not in use, the panel recedes into the design of the kitchen.


2. Task Lighting

Task lighting makes food preparation easier. When not turned on, task lighting is invisible, because it's hidden beneath overhanging cabinets. Task lighting cuts back on accidents by making it easy to see when cutting and mixing. Task lighting also makes it easier to read recipes, and enables homeowners to prepare meals quickly. Task lighting is installed according to the needs of the homeowner.


3. Convection Oven

Convection ovens use a flow of hot air to warm foods evenly and efficiently. Convection ovens are far more efficient than standard ovens, and produce a better baked good overall. If you're known for throwing large parties, one convection oven might not be enough. A second oven makes it possible to cook multiple dishes at different temperatures, speeding up food preparation dramatically.


4. Gourmet Refrigerator

No gourmet kitchen is complete without a gourmet refrigerator. Each model comes with different features, so you can choose the type of refrigerator that meets your needs. Look for features like Internet connectivity, moisture control, ice makers and wine drawers.

Energy efficiency is especially important for homeowners who prioritize environmental protection. Each refrigerator model has its own energy guide. Check out each model's energy guide to determine which refrigerator is most efficient.

Kitchen Renovation in Sarasota
Refrigerator configuration makes a big difference. The freezer may be on top or bottom. The freezer may take the form of a drawer, or may be opened by a door. All of this varies from one type of refrigerator to another. The highest-end models are typically built into the wall and are hidden by cabinet panels, so they fit right in to the kitchen's design.

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5. Walk-In Pantry

Homeowners love storage space, especially in the kitchen. A walk-in pantry makes it easy to store a variety of dried foods, from cans to boxes and jars. The larger the pantry, the better. Work with your contractor to install more than just shelves.

Drawers and cabinets give you a variety of storage options, so your pantry can remain full and your kitchen can stay tidy throughout the year. Work with your contractor to install other features as well, like a light that makes it easier to see, and an attractive door to keep everything hidden within.


6. Wine Refrigerator

If you enjoy entertaining, or if you're a wine aficionado, a wine refrigerator is the product for you. Homeowners who buy a wine refrigerator without remodeling must find a place to store their new appliance, either on the floor or on the countertop. The advantage of installing a wine refrigerator during your kitchen remodel is that the contractor can build the wine refrigerator into the cabinets, so the appliance is more invisible.


7. Beverage Station

A beverage station is a must-have for a homeowner who likes to entertain. If you have more than a few parties every year, a beverage station will make your home the perfect place to have a party for friends and family. Talk to your contractor about installing a hand-made beverage station built into the wall, with glass cabinets to show off your attractive glassware.

If possible, work with your contractor to install a beverage station that's accessible from the dining room as well as the kitchen. This may require knocking down a wall, but the end results will be worthwhile.


8. Prep Sink

Imagine you're making Thanksgiving dinner, and the sink is piling with dishes. You need to rinse those potatoes, wash the lettuce for salad, and drain the corn. Where will you do it? The prep sink.

Second sinks provide flexibility during large meals. They also prevent people in the kitchen from tripping over one another as they cook together. In a large kitchen, presence of a prep sink gives you a place to do dishes, even when someone else is using the sink for food preparation purposes.


9. Countertops Made from Stone or Wood

For many years, granite countertops were the most desirable, high-end countertops available. Today, homeowners have a broader range of tastes. Many still like natural stone, but some prefer engineered stone, also called quartz. Engineered stone has the appearance of natural stone, without the maintenance.

Wood is quickly becoming one of the go-to countertop materials, especially on kitchen islands. Homeowners like the look of wood countertops in their kitchen because wood is unique. Wood countertops are also surprisingly durable. To maintain the look of warmth and beauty in your wood countertops, apply regular wood oil, and enjoy them as you would any other type of counter.


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Get the most out of your upcoming kitchen remodel. Hire a licensed contractor with a reputation among homeowners in Sarasota, Manatee, and the surrounding area. For nearly 20 years, Gilbert Design Build has been providing beautiful design and quality construction for high end homes.

You can see evidence of our success through the testimonials on our website. We also provide references to homeowners who need them. Take a look at our online portfolio to get a sense of how we do our work, or contact us to see more pictures of gourmet kitchens from the past. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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